Monthly Archives: August 2021

How B2B Marketers Can Stay Customer-Centric

To adjust to the new post-pandemic normal it is vital that businesses move with their customers.

The pandemic saw rapid innovation across many sectors as B2B marketers quickly adapted to their customers new needs and the reality of their contacts working from home, with face-to-face meetings curtailed and new digital ways of working emerging.

For many businesses this sudden change because of COVID-19 involved adopting digital technologies in a hurry. Although this offers some advantages, there are also significant dangers in the digitalisation of customer relationships and internal and network-based operations. If these are not designed to be customer-centric they may offer internal efficiency at the price of external effectiveness.

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So how should marketing managers create a new normal that leverages technology, while staying uncompromisingly customer-centric?

The temptation for many is to go back to marketing and B2B relationships as they were before the pandemic. But treating the last 18 months as a disruption means wasting the opportunity that the COVID crisis presented for innovation and transformation. While markets, supplier–customer relationships, supply chain, and business models remain in flux new and better ways of working with customers to identify and serve their needs can significantly improve B2B marketing as well as operational efficiency.

What B2B marketers need now is not a pre-pandemic – or even a pandemic – mindset, but a post-pandemic vision driven by the data that places the customer at the centre of organisational decision-making.